Bad Bitch Cards

Why bad bitches?

Now, more than ever, is time to recognize the strong women — past and present — that have pushed society’s limits, broken glass ceilings, and paved the way for future generations. These women are trailblazers, whether it be in government, fashion, tech, music, law or education.

To put our money where our mouth is, we've decided to donate $2 per deck sold to charities that support womens empowerment.

First thing's first

No, #badbitches is not degatory. No, we are not trying to be cool (okay, maybe a little, but we’d prefer “socially relevant”). No, we are not suggesting that any of these extremely accomplished, innovative women are bitches. We simply respect them, look up to them, and want to be them. This makes them #badbitches.

Why cards?

Well… why not? Early decks of cards had no Queens, which reflected that all courts were male-dominated. Even today Italian, Spanish and German cards have a variation of 3 male court cards, with no Queen. The exception is the French, which does have a Queen (PRAISE). Card games are typically male-dominated, so we figured it’s time to bring some powerful women into the space.

Each card features an accomplished, kind, #badbitch. Our hope is that they are used, that people learn about these women (some of which are well known, some of which aren’t), and that they inspire the next generation of powerful do-ers, movers and shakers who also happen to be female.

“Bad bitches” like French Montana’s song?

Although it is a great song, we are not suggesting that any of these women (or women in general) are impressive because of their physique, material taste, or love for rap. I also would be surprised to see any of these women walking up in the club and getting “tooted” on.

Can I buy the cards?

Yes! The cards are made to order in small batches. Why are we doing it this way? Well, this is a self-funded project, and considering we’re recent grads, well… we ain’t got money for that.

Ugh! You didn’t use my favorite bad bitch.

Sorry! We wittled it down from 200+ women to 52… it was very difficult. If you’d like to nominate a #badbitch, you can email us and nominate them for the next deck.

Ugh! Even worse, I don't like this specific bad bitch.

We have some controversial figures on here. We know. We did the research. It's not about being liberal versus conservative, friendly versus cold, etc. We wanted to feature women that are powerful and unapologetic about it. The 52 women featured wouldn't have apologized for it so neither will we :).

Are you guys only doing this because Hillary lost the election?

Yes… and no. We’ve been working on this for a while, but were hoping that HRC would win. Once she didn’t, we decided to release it sooner. However, you’ll notice that the women on this list cover a wide range of political beliefs, from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal. This isn’t political, it’s about womens empowerment.

Can I share this?

Yes! Please do! We did this to spread knowledge and create more enthusiasm about accomplished women.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! One of our founders is from Belgium, and we've been taking off in Sweden. International orders are shipped via USPS - depending on where you live, packages can take 1-3 weeks to reach you. We do absolutely everything we can to ensure a speedy shipment, but once we send off your order, it's up to the postal system Gods to take care of it.

Ugh, I want to return my cards.

We're sorry to hear that, but unfortunately returns are not accepted. We are a tiny tiny design group, not a fulfillment center, so we don't have the capacity for returns. We've also probably made a donation to Vocal Voices and Girls Inc. before you've even received your order. We've spent a lot of time and money from our own pocket to make this project happen, so we hope that you'll at least feel good about your money being donated to a great cause. At the very least, good karma!

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